Things you should know about Pixel Gun 3D in 2019

The background of Pixel Gun 3D is set in the pixel operation. Players can participate in the pixel army that launched the operation and fight for the other players online; they can also join the Central Group Pixel Army to resist the red steel torrent.

Before a battle begins, we can build up the overall structure of the pixel troops according to our personal preferences. For example, I like to use artillery, bombard enemy positions, and then let infantry attack. Then I’ll consider bringing more artillery and supply trucks. When the battle begins, we need to send our pixel troops from the rear of the battlefield to the designated battle area. At this time, it reflects the importance of strategic depth: if we press the front into the depth of the battlefield, it is likely that the front will be too long and the follow-up support will not be in place and be attacked by the enemy.

In addition to the aforementioned encounter mode, the game also provides us with a new general mode. This model is like Total War. We will be promoted to general and experience pixel battle on the map on the scale of a group army. During the march of war chess, we can choose to fight automatically or personally command the troops under our jurisdiction, which returns to the method of encounter. But the biggest problem with this model is that there are many BUGs, and automatic combat often leads to game crashes. The main problem should be the presence of aircraft in combat, which makes the general model basically unplayable.


In order to keep the rhythm of the game as smooth as possible, the whole battle is divided into three stages: A, B and C. The number of pixel troops we can put into the battlefield at each stage is different. For example, if I plan to send IS-2 early, then this is the only one available for the whole battle. If IS-2 is deployed in stage B, or even in stage C, two or four will be available. This is more tactical flexibility than the previous one, which can only fix stage A to produce light weapons and stage B or C to launch heavy combat units.

And every time we mobilize our pixel troops on the battlefield, we need to consume some “call-up points”. The higher the combat unit, the more points it needs to recruit. Once the troops that spent a lot of money to recruit in the early stage suffer losses, the consequence we may have is that the follow-up troops are not enough to recruit points, and then the local front collapses.

In Pixel Gun 3D, there are two main factors that test our strategy, one of which is mutual restraint. The most obvious example is that when infantry meets machine guns, their fate will inevitably be quickly suppressed and killed; and when a skinny aircraft forcibly enters enemy airspace, it will also be shot down by various anti-aircraft weapons. This means that in battle, we must take every step with caution. The use of ground air defense forces, and air fighter cross-fire to grab air control. In the concealed terrain of our battlefield, we can also place anti-tank guns to prevent the enemy’s armored forces from advancing too fast, leading to the encirclement of the front forces.

And if we want to reorganize a team, we can’t assemble the most elite troops under our own leadership, they can only exist in a specific force. And the importance of officers is also reflected vividly in the game. They are mainly used for the construction of the command chain of the army. Once a complete command chain is formed, experience will be added to a certain range of specific arms. Thus, the Soviet assault group could use a large number of inexperienced infantry to cooperate with the assault of infantry officers. These infantry are cheap and numerous. You can use Pixel Gun 3D cheats to assist you when you out of resource. With the addition of officer BUFF, you can form considerable combat effectiveness.

It is worth mentioning that the multiplayer game server experience is not good. If you want to compete with other players, be sure to prepare the game accelerator in advance. The sudden end of multiplayer games, sometimes not entirely my network problem, it may also be the opponent pulled the line. But no matter what kind of accident drops, the system will judge my own game as negative, at this time can only consider themselves unfortunate.