How to play IMVU game smoothly?

Initially entering IMVU mobile game, its role creation interface will give a kind of fun atmosphere. The funny and exaggerated Q-version 3D characters create a relaxed and pleasant environment for the game. Although the official positioning of IMVU is simulation mobile game, in fact, the game is subdivided into elements of creation, exploration, adventure and simulation in the virtual world.

If you’re a newcomer to simulation games, it may be difficult to get started with an unguided simulation game like My World. The same simulation game, IMVU, is driven by a simple and interesting story. The core of the whole game is mainly around acquiring materials, and building all kinds of household goods, relationship with your friends and so on. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a basic wooden sword and a hoe to collect all kinds of materials. In the whole 2D horizontal interface, the vast majority of the land can be touched and cut, and even can be “isolated” to dig materials. If you have a bigger brain hole, you can also dig materials and make some designs full of artistic flavor.

In the process of making all kinds of props in the cabin, you will be constantly disturbed by the surrounding non-friendly neighborhood. If there is no tower defense facilities such as crossbows designed on the cabin, they will come unasked. Your non-friendly neighborhood on the map will drop all kinds of equipment and special “devil’s eggs”. If hatched, you can get a pet, which will help kill the enemy threatening the protagonist’s safety. Feeding can also improve the speed of pet upgrade. Of course, the protagonist can also make a certain strength of equipment through the synthesis system, slamming the magic.

The badge is a more creative system, as long as it is hung on the wall of the cabin, you can call out the aides of the corresponding text description on the badge. Some badges can be used as a powerful assistant for the protagonist when he chops magic objects, some can help you relieve the pressure of collecting materials, and some can let you buy a pen for livestock. If these helpers summoned with badges are seriously injured by magic objects, they can still be resurrected by consuming gaming currency. If you want to keep your gaming currency at a high amount level, you’d better try IMVU credits hack. It will make sure you will always have enough currency all the time.

In addition, as long as you build a certain number of livestock barns, you can go to any area on the map to catch livestock and throw them into the corresponding pens. The action of these livestock picked up by the protagonist is also very funny and interesting. In the upper right of the mobile screen, there are also some important functions arranged compactly. For example, a community system that can exchange experience with other players and a friend function that can play online with friends.

As a 3D life adventure simulation game, IMVU not only has exquisite 3D modeling, but also contains a lot of interesting play methods. Although its risk-taking part and synthetic UI have not yet been polished completely, when you play “IMVU”, you will involuntarily indulge in the cycle of playing strange, fostering and building. In this highly free 3D horizontal world, you can play as you like.