Is it easy to add simple mode to dragon ball legends

One of the proponents of the simple model of dragon ball legends is that it’s not just a lot of simple models. What an easy thing to do, why not do it? In many people’s eyes, the so-called dragon ball legends simple model, in fact, remains in the concept of “numeralization”: the enemy’s injury blood volume is lower, the protagonist’s injury blood volume is higher, as if through this way they can free themselves from the “malicious” of the game and enjoy the fun of the game. However, since the development of video games, the design of game difficulty has always been a hot topic for developers to study and discuss, but one thing is certain: adjusting the difficulty through simple numerical changes will ultimately destroy the integrity of the game.

The earliest examples can be traced back to the arcade age in which video games originated. In the 1970s and 1980s when arcade games were popular, the difficulty of games was directly related to the income of the owners of arcade halls. At that time, developers designed difficulty options for the game, but unfortunately most players did not have the right to choose. Smart and cunning bosses usually quietly raise the difficulty of the game, and then sit in the corner laughing at a group of small fart children being smashed by computer AI fancy beatings, doubts about life, lose the last coin in their hands.

At that time, the difficulty design of most arcade games was basically a simple “numerical change”: mindless grotesque, changing enemy combination, changing enemy attack frequency, adjusting damage value and so on were simple and effective methods. Many difficult arcade games will have scenes that ordinary people can’t pass at all with the advance of the level. No matter how skilled the master is, he will inevitably lose his foot. This is also the designer reminding the player: “Don’t hit, it’s time to pay, the boss is not happy.”

With the weakening of the arcade, the arcade hall is no longer crowded and crowded. In order to retain more players, bosses will choose to lower the difficulty of the game. So many games that used to be so rare that they could even pass customs for one dollar, and even a simpler and more refreshing version of the magic version would appear. The children who had been hit by the spanking urine flow could finally spend a dollar on a cold and cool arcade hall for an afternoon. But ultimately, the “simple model” did not save the fate of the arcade machine being eliminated by the times.

With the development of science and technology, video games are becoming more popular and humanized. There are more archives for games, players are beginning to have blood, and designers are beginning to design more and more difficult choices for games. But in fact, the so-called “simple mode” of many games today is still a rough numerical change: high-difficulty players have to face the rain of bullets and experience nine deaths; while low-difficulty players like walking in the park, the background and story of the game seems absurd.

Specifically talking to dragon ball legends, the rough “simple mode” will seriously damage the overall design of the game. For example, the protagonist dragon legend is positioned as Wukong , and he is good at stealth, assassination, eavesdropping and so on. The dragon ball legends really integrates these characteristics into the game: through these means, the player can avoid the enemy who does not want to provoke, or secretly solve the lonely enemy, or get some useful information, the player will feel the identity of the dragon legends. Once the game adds a rude “simple mode”, players do not need to take pains to deal with the game’s problems, all they need to do is to carry knife bushes on the street and machetes at the end of the street, then the legend hero has completely changed from a normal fighter to an “unparalleled generals”. Not only does it have no sense of substitution, but also stealth, assassination and eavesdropping on the systems carefully designed by the designers for the game are being ignored.

There are many similar designs in Dragon Ball Legends that can not be simplified, such as legend’s prosthetic limb system, which is the mercy of Miyazaki. Many functions of the prosthetic limb belong to “compassion for the end-of-the-road players”: axe prosthetic limb is used to break shields, fire prosthetic limb is used to burn red eyes, iron umbrella is used to deal with special difficulties, whistle is used to deal with grievances, and so on. In the game, the Weiming family has a trick of “quitting school”: falling thunder, calling thunder and lightning from the sky to the players. Whether Xuan Yilang or his heart will use this powerful killing tactic in the final stage. At this time, the player is in a very critical situation, regardless of his state or spirit. Once he fails to deal with the thunder, his previous efforts will be discarded. And the designer also left the back for the player again, instead of creating Dragon Ball Legends Hack, “Flash Hit” is designed to restrain the killing tactic of the reed family. Players follow the tips to make “Flash Hit” can not only avoid injury, but also directly make the BOSS straight. This design echoes back and forth is also very exciting.

But imagine, when Dragon Ball Legends has a simple model, will these designs still be used? I think for Miyazaki, who has always been rigorous, killing would not allow Dragon Ball Legends to have such a soulless game experience.