Apex Legends : a new era of shooting game

Apex Legends uses many settings of the rebirth studio’s masterpiece “Titan Fall 2”, but the shrinking safety zone and only one team laughing until the final winning mechanism are enough to show that its essence is still a standard real time shooting game.

Apex Legends is divided into different professions, each profession has different skills, including a passive skill, a tactical skill and a unique skill, different skills, different positioning in the battlefield. Bloodhounds with detection and vision acquisition and high moving speed are better suited to be scouts and to be at the forefront of the team, while “lifelines” as team nurses are better suited to be in the middle of the team and protected by front and back teammates.

Although every profession has skills, the main battle of Apex Legends still depends on guns. Most of the skills can only play a supporting role, and only a few skills are offensive. Of course, if you use these skills properly, you can make up for the technical gap between you and your opponents to a large extent. For example, the tactical skills of the hero Bangalore can be quickly covered with smoke on the battlefield, the absolute skill of the Bloodhound can see the footprints of the opponent through the smoke, if it can be used together, it can become the “king of mixed smoke”, the effect is comparable to the plug-in.

apex legends

Apex Legends currently does not have a single-row model. If you want to play, you have to form a three-person team, maybe it’s “1 + 2” (two people driving black + one-way person), maybe it’s three strangers, or maybe it’s three people driving black. If matched to passers-by, it is very likely to encounter the situation that the other side does not have wheat (in fact, there are quite a lot of such self-closing streamers). At this time, we should praise the communication system of the game, especially the design of the mouse wheel which can mark the enemy, equipment and position with one button. It is an interactive artifact. Even if we don’t say a word, we can get the desired information from our teammates. However, in emergency situations, voice communication is more accurate and efficient.

Compared with PUBG and Fortnite, the pace of Apex Legend is much faster. This rhythm variation is caused by a variety of factors, first of all, the game map. At present, there is only a map like “King’s Canyon” in the game. The size of the map is very small, which dooms the players to have fewer choices and many people are forced to fight when they land. Fighting is also one of the main means to promote the rhythm of shooting games, so the probability of “Apex” landing in boxes is also high. Additionally, the players of the same team will not scatter landing, most of them choose to embrace, so there are more people in the same resource point. To earn quickly resource such as apex coins, you should consider of a working Apex Legends coins generator – it will help you collect free apex coins instantly in all platforms including ps4 and xbox.

Because the map is not big, so the game is not equipped with any vehicles, the whole journey depends on running. If you’re a veteran shooting game player, you’ll know that when faced with fast moving vehicles, you simply can’t burn up much desire to attack, because the success rate is too low, and when faced with opponents who use foot running circles, the fight must be fought. If you don’t fight, you’ll be stolen from the front and behind, and you’ll be blocked out of the circle. Apex legends has to travel by foot all the way. The chance of encounter is much higher, and the rhythm is quickened a little.

At the same time, the game is also using some settings to constantly accelerate the pace, such as high resource area settings. In other shooting games, although there are also high resource areas, but often many, which also causes the players landing point is not concentrated. But “Apex legends” is different. At the beginning of each game, a resource point will be selected on the map to become a high resource area, and marked with a large aperture. There will be a complete set of equipment in the point, which will inevitably attract a large number of players to land at this point, so that the battle scale will be upgraded again. In addition, the game also has an airship full of materials, the effect is similar to that of high-resource areas.