Competitive Way of Empires and Puzzles Games

Following SLG in the past few years, puzzle games have become a new blue sea in the field of games. China has 300 million puzzle fans and 200 million E-sports players. As puzzle rpg becomes more and more popular in China, they are all potential users of such games. Apart from “Street Puzzle” in its early years, there has not been a puzzle rpg game with enough dominance in the domestic market. According to the present quality and future prospects, “Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest” has the possibility of becoming a new breakout point.

As a congenital puzzle rpg game with the attribute of electronic competition, there is almost no threshold between rpg puzzle game and electronic competition. Previously, in the era of “Empires & Puzzles”, the official annual national league tournament can attract a large number of players to participate in and concern, and has gradually become professional and professional in several years. In Tencent’s own system, TGA has grown into the largest comprehensive competition in China, and its existence also provides a certain development space for the series.

Tencent announced the establishment of Tencent Telecom Competition two years ago, forming a pan-entertainment matrix alongside its downstream traditional fields of play, literature, film and television, and animation. Just a few days ago, Tencent said it would invest 1 billion yuan in a year to ensure that its works can maintain a leading position in the competitive market. In the electronic competition, especially in the domestic electronic competition system, “Empires & Puzzles” which relies on Tencent system behind it is easier to get rapid development and rise.

Last year, the Puzzle League and the 2K E-Sports League jointly announced the establishment of the “Puzzle RPG” E-Sports League. Seventeen clubs have joined the league and formed teams to play regular and playoff games in the “Puzzle RPG” world. The 17 clubs include two of the league’s biggest warriors and knights. At this year’s Tencent UP2018 conference, the government also said that the game will open the way to professional electronic competition. Compared with MOBA or FPS, “Empires & Puzzles” undoubtedly has a broader way to compete and is easier to connect with real sports.

Whether it’s for the whole category of puzzle games or Empires & Puzzles itself, it’s the general trend to move closer like e-sports. Unlike the huge competition market, the domestic puzzle game market is still in the stage of development. This is the opportunity of Empires & Puzzles and the biggest challenge facing the game.

However, compared with the previous works, in addition to the simple improvement in the sales, this “Empires & Puzzles RPG” is indeed more perfect, more comprehensive, more suitable for a mature project. On the basis work of the Empires and Puzzles Cheats, the game has been properly optimized in various modes, and significant progress has been made in playing and operating levels. More importantly, the game still maintains a hard core feel and competitive thinking, which is the basis for its competitive development.

Compared with the annual single-machine series, “Empires and Puzzles” is still very young, the nature of online games also destined that this series will dominate the long-term operation, update speed can not be comparable to single-machine. Now that the game has not been deleted, we may not be able to accurately predict its future, but in this sports game category is still in the blue sea time, the emergence of Empires and Puzzles RPG game is not too early, nor too late.