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The perpetrators of this case are three female students and two male students, a total of five people, and police are investigating how minor men and women entered the motel together with the motel owner. That’s right. Recently, it has been pointed out that minors are committing criminal acts within the lodging company and that measures should be taken urgently. In particular, minors can easily make reservations at accommodation facilities using the accommodation app, and vendors are demanding system improvements such as the introduction of an adult authentication system in the accommodation reservation app. The lodging companies sighed deeply when they learned about the incident. If the use of minors is caught, it is the lodging company that will be hit hardest. Especially recently, accommodations have been occasionally used as a place of crime for minors, and their worries are only getting deeper. There is no problem with accommodation for minors of the same sex in South Korea, and accommodation for minors of the same sex is accepted. On the other hand, crimes occur regardless of gender. Minors of the opposite sex may also secretly join here, and the groove is deepening. Under the current Youth Protection Law, accommodation for men and women is prohibited. However, same-sex accommodation is possible. In fact, lodging companies say that these days, minors often use the method of secretly merging the opposite sex after visiting homosexuals in order to use the accommodation. Because of this, there are places where minors are not accepted from the beginning regardless of gender. However, it is difficult to distinguish it from minors only by appearance, and it is difficult to confirm it with an ID card, he said. Minors are not unaware of the various criminal acts that occur in accommodations these days. However, he argues that it is unreasonable to unconditionally prevent young people from entering and exiting accommodation. He explained that the accommodation reservation app industry is also making efforts related to this. However, he emphasizes that on-site inspections must be thoroughly conducted separately from improving the service of the application. A person in the accommodation reservation application industry said, “Introducing an adult authentication system does not mean that there is no obligation to manage and supervise the accommodation company. If it is different, the problem will occur again. It must be thoroughly inspected on-site unconditionally. “