[Video]Acting guidance to trick airport staff … Watch Smith’s video bypassing the procession at the airport

The video was uploaded by Kenny Smith, known on the internet as “_smittythegoat_”. The video begins with Smith saying, “If you see a long line of security checks like this …” while filming the inside of the airport. From there, the camera shows Smith’s feet. He then takes off his white sneakers and begins to say, “Damn! I’m injured.” Then he puts his shoes in a paper bag and makes a noise, “Oh, damn! Ah!” Next, the screen shows the wheelchair, and the text “It seems that all the people in line will be pulled out. This will be in time for the plane” is displayed on the screen. The man pushing the wheelchair seems to be an airport employee, and the video also shows that “he broke his ankle by stepping off badly.” Smith then enters the plane. He was guided to the seat in front of the aircraft, which had plenty of space under his feet, and happily explained, “It’s a wheelchair seat.” At the end of the video, he wrote that he had arrived in Chicago, Illinois, and Smith put on his sneakers again, saying, “It’s a miracle. I can walk again.” ■ “Interfering with people who really need help” The description section of the video says “How to bypass 1000 people at the airport when you have to board an airplane”. It has already been viewed more than 1.1 million times and has more than 280,000 likes. The reactions of the viewers varied, such as “It’s a great solution”, “I’m glad my injury was healed right away”, “Thank you for the good advice!”, “I’ll have another new line soon”. There was also. However, it seems that many people naturally felt ethical problems in the way they deceived people. “It’s a hindrance to people who really need help.” “There are so many such abuses that people with real disabilities sometimes have to wait an hour or more to get help. That’s a big reason I hate it. ” Newsweek asked Kenny Smith for comment, but didn’t get a reply.