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■ Keyboard self-made kit that requires soldering work, REVIUN G5 for beginners with few parts is a kit for making a small USB connection key input device. It is specialized for “macro” operation where multiple key inputs are performed with one key instead of typing, and although there are only five keys, it has the advantage of being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and saving space. It is also possible to mount a rotary encoder on either the left or right end and use it as a dial. In this case, the layout is 4 keys + 1 dial. Soldering work is also required to complete. However, since there are fewer parts than a general keyboard self-made kit, there are few places to solder, and it is said to be for self-made beginners. The contents of the kit include top / bottom plates, acrylic spacers, tactile switches, and various screws. Parts other than the kit are ProMicro on the microcomputer board, key switch cap (Cherry MX compatible), rotary encoder, etc. It is also possible to mount LEDs.