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NHK reported on the 4th that the Liberal Democratic Party is expected to win 25 to 43 seats out of 127 seats and become a majority party as a result of the exit poll of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election held on that day. Based on the results of an exit poll conducted on 43,600 voters who have voted at 484 polling stations in Tokyo. The Komeito, which coalitioned with the Liberal Democratic Party, was expected to win 16 to 23 seats. As a result, both parties will win 41-66 seats, NHK reported. The largest political party, Tomin First no Kai, was expected to win 25-35 seats. In addition, the Communist Party had 14 to 22 seats, the Constitutional Democratic Party had 11 to 22 seats, the Nippon Ishin no Kai had a maximum of 2 seats, the Tokyo Seikatsusha Network had 1 to 3 seats, and the independent 2 to 6 seats were analyzed. The Liberal Democratic Party lost its majority position after being overwhelmed by the Tomin First no Kai in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election four years ago. The current seats are 25 for the Liberal Democratic Party and 46 for the Tomin First no Kai. This election has the character of a prelude to the House of Representatives election that will be held this fall. Regarding the Tokyo Olympics, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party should hold the Games for safety and security, and the Tomin First no Kai should hold the Olympics without spectators.