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On the 4th, Prime Minister Kim presided over the Corona Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (China vs. Plenary Session) meeting at the government’s Seoul Government building, saying, “The violent spread of corona has not stopped, and the situation in the metropolitan area is particularly serious.” 81% of infected people are concentrated in the area, and the infection reproduction index rose to 1.25 last week. ” “The outbreak is increasing, especially among young people who have not been vaccinated yet, and the impact is spreading to the workplace and other areas,” he said. “The number of cases of delta mutation virus infection is also increasing.” explained. He added, “Now, if we do not stabilize in the metropolitan area, the nationwide epidemic prevention and the vaccination of the general public, which will start in earnest again from the end of this month, are not going well.” , Discuss additional measures to strengthen epidemics. ” Prime Minister Kim said, “First of all, I sincerely ask the local governments in the Greater Tokyo Area. I want you to mobilize all means and power to block the spread of infection.” I hope that the pre-emptive inspections will be strengthened and the epidemiological investigation will be accelerated. I hope that we will respond to violations of the epidemiological regulations on the principle of intolerance. ” He added, “I ask the people again. We are at the crossroads between the progress toward daily recovery and the retreat due to re-spreading.” It also proved to be the best way to protect the country. ” Prime Minister Kim continued, “Please refrain from gathering and eating, and if you feel any suspicion (infection), please have an immediate examination.” “Especially in the metropolitan area, regardless of vaccination, indoors for a while. Be sure to wear a mask both outdoors. ” “Yesterday, the Korean Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) forced a large-scale rally in central Seoul,” said Prime Minister Kim. I am very sorry to have held the event. ” He added, “I want people who participated in the rally to be inspected if they have any suspicious symptoms (corona).” I hope to hold the responsibility until the end. “