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The amount of vaccine discarded is based on AstraZeneca and Pfizer twice inoculation and Janssen once inoculation. As of 1st of this month, Choi investigated the materials of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency and confirmed that the vaccines for AstraZeneca for 3575, Pfizer for 564, and Janssen for 90 were inadvertently discarded. .. By accident type, 86.4% of the total was “Mistaken temperature control (796 vials)”, followed by “Vaccine container damage (98 vials)”, “Inoculation process error (14 vials)”, and “Vaccine effective date and time elapsed”. (13 vials) ”. One vial of AstraZeneca vaccine is 10 times (for 5 people), 1 vial of Pfizer is 6 times (for 3 people) “2 doses”, and 1 vial of Janssen is for 5 people. Choi said, “Vaccine storage management is not properly carried out during the severe period when the Delta mutant strain continues to spread.” “The epidemic prevention authorities will strengthen the vaccine management system so that the vaccine will be stored normally. , We must thoroughly educate. “