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According to AP news agency, at 11:30 am on the same day, a Philippine Air Force C-130 transport aircraft carrying 92 people is trying to land on Jolo Island, the number one island in Sulu Province, southern Philippines, Patikul in the mountainous area. ) Crashed. The Philippine military said that “a very unfortunate event had occurred” and that the pilot could not find the runway and tried to raise the transport plane again, but could not do so and crashed. It was reported that 17 people had been killed and 40 people were rescued and taken to the hospital so far due to the accident while rescue work for survivors was underway at the scene. The exact cause of the crash was not known, and it was found that it was raining at the time of the crash. The transport passengers had recently completed basic military training and were about to be sent to Jolo Island to join a joint force against Islamic extremists. In the mountains of Jolo Island, Filipino troops and Islamic rebels Abu Sayyaf have been engaged for decades.