[Video]The darkness of the mystery box industry China

When the boxes piled high on the bed of the delivery truck are illuminated by the light of a flashlight, animal fur can be glimpsed through a small hole for air to pass through. The animals in the box are still better. The other boxes appear to be completely sealed with tape. In May, the animal protection group Love Home filmed the unannounced survey in Chengdu, China. The study found 156 boxes of puppies and kittens a few months old, and some puppies and kittens had already died. At the same time as being shocked by these images, Chinese social media users were frightened to learn that animals were the victims of the popular “Mystery Box” product that is all the rage in China. A mystery box is a small box that contains a secret gift, usually a collection figure. According to Din Ying, an associate professor of marketing at Renmin University of China, the mystery box is “addictive,” especially if the series contains rare items that are difficult to obtain. .. This addiction has made mystery boxes a big industry. However, there are negative aspects to this epidemic. Delivery of live animals is illegal in China, but it is not well monitored, according to Chinese state media. Some vendors use this blind spot to deliver pets, but some animals die along the way, and animal protection groups have accused them of abusing animals. “Anything can be put in a mystery box” In recent years, this mystery box has become very popular in China, and recently there are also mystery boxes containing luxury items such as smartphones, watches, and sunglasses. On Chinese social media, the new tagline is “you can put anything in the mystery box.” However, on some sites, the catchphrase “runaway” can be seen. For example, Pindoudou, a major Chinese e-commerce company, sold a mystery box containing randomly selected dogs for 599 yuan (about 10,000 yen). The advertisement for this product included a photo of a healthy, happy long-haired Chihuahua. Most mystery box ads specify the type of animal inside to ensure a high quality pet. However, the reality revealed in an unannounced survey of delivery trucks by Chinese carrier ZTO Express in Chengdu by the Love Home Animal Rescue Center was different from the content of those advertisements. Investigators found non-purebred hybrid puppies and kittens packed in small, tape-sealed plastic boxes. Many of the puppies and kittens found were already dead or moribund due to suffocation or starvation, according to a love home that conducted an unannounced survey. It’s unclear on which platform the puppies and kittens were sold, but according to LoveHome, the label on the box definitely tells them that they were for the mystery box market. That is. “Sales companies (of mystery boxes) usually stop feeding and watering the day before departure to prevent animals from excreting during shipping,” said Love Home founder Chen Yun Lian. .. Three puppies were squeezed into a small box, barely 30 cm wide. Many pet-filled mystery boxes sold on mail-order sites have been withdrawn since the repulsive love home unveiled a scandal over pet-filled mystery boxes. However, some vendors try to disguise their products by removing the word “mystery box” from advertisements, or pretending to be foster parents or animal rescuers. After an unannounced investigation by Love Home, ZTO apologized for the company’s “cheating.” He also said he intends to close the delivery facility in Chengdu, where a box containing animals was found, and will cooperate with police investigations. However, according to the Global Times of the Chinese state newspaper, a new box containing pets for mystery boxes was discovered in Jiangsu province just one week after the unannounced investigation in Chengdu. Investigators found 13 boxes of animals at the ZTO Express distribution center in Jiangsu Province, but many of the animals inside were already dead. Regarding this matter, ZTO has started to correct the practice of delivering live animals since May 5 (when an unannounced investigation was conducted), and the (shipped) animals have been returned, but Jiangsu The animals found in the province were explained to have been left in the province’s distribution center. Evan Sun, a scientist at the China branch of the World Animal Conservation Society (WAP), a non-governmental organization (NGO) that conducts international animal protection activities, said that a large number of pets entered shortly after the first unannounced survey. He pointed out that the rediscovery of the box was evidence that ZTO Express had not taken sufficient steps to remedy the problem. “People who want pets should be aware that transporting animals in such a cruel way is not allowed.” (San) The threat of illness Currently, China has a wide range of protections for animals from abuse. And there is no national law. However, experts have called for the submission of such a bill following the discovery of a scandal over a pet-filled mystery box. However, according to animal protection groups and state media, the uncontrolled pet-filled mystery box industry poses another danger. It is the possibility that the disease will spread rapidly. According to a volunteer working at Love Home, more than a dozen dogs and cats found in an unannounced survey in Chengdu were diagnosed with diseases such as “distemper and feline panleukopenia.” The World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded in a draft report on the origin of the new coronavirus that animals are most likely the cause of a pandemic. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, China has introduced strict new legislation to prevent outbreaks of zoonotic diseases, such as banning wildlife from eating. However, according to the Chinese state-run English newspaper China Daily, many pet vendors on e-commerce platforms are “just ignoring” the inspection and quarantine requirements presented by the Chinese government. China Daily warned that “it may not be enough for the animals to be bought and sold to suffer” in the future if we do not pay more attention to preventing the buying and selling of uncontrolled animals.