[Image]”Pokemon” title with horror spots

● Zion Town (Pokemon Red and Green) The first thing I would like to introduce is “Zion Town” that appeared in “Pokemon Red and Green” (1996 / Game Boy). This is a famous spot that has existed since the beginning of the series and is still talked about 25 years later. However, the size of the city is not so large, and there are only a few private houses except for the Pokemon Center and friendly shops. In addition, there is no Pokemon gym where you can get a gym badge, so when you first visit, you can’t get rid of the impression that it’s a sober place. However, many players will experience the “horror” of Zion Taon within minutes of entering the town. A girl who suddenly asks “Do you think there is a ghost?” To the sad BGM that starts with the intro “Tettettettette …”. And at the “Pokemon Tower” (Pokemon’s grave), which is said to be the ultimate, a “ghost” that is clearly different from Pokemon appears, and it goes into battle without having a “sylph scope” (an item that detects ghosts). The rushed Pokemon will be incapacitated. This ghost appears not only as a wild Pokemon-like standing position, but also as a “gatekeeper” in a certain area. The ghost of “rattle” appears at this event, and if you win the battle, it will disappear on the spot with the message “Return to a gentle soul and rise to heaven and disappear”. According to the residents of Zion Town, the rattle apparently lost his life due to the wrongdoing of the Team Rocket. Whether you ask why and then calm the rattle spirit, or calm the spirit and then hear the truth about death, the ghost event at Pokemon Tower has a bad aftertaste. By the way, overseas, it seems that urban legends (rumors) such as “Zion Town Syndrome” and “Berry Door Live” have become widespread on the Internet. The contents are different, but both seem to have been born from the “heterogeneity of Zion Town”. ● Old Chateau (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl) “Mori no Yokan” is a famous horror spot alongside Zion Town. Combined with the unpopular appearance and the terrifying exclusive BGM, it has a presence that is not an exaggeration to say that it is the “most scary horror spot” of “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl” (2006 / Nintendo DS). In order to obtain the “Rotom” that lives in this Western-style building, many players set out to search by turning off the “volume (sound)” after obtaining the national pictorial book and hitting the shortest route to the TV in their heads. Is it not? The construction of the Western-style building itself is huge, but the interior is desolate, probably because there have been no residents for a long time. The tiles at the entrance and guest rooms have been peeled off due to deterioration over time, and “ghosts” and “ghosts” pop out just by walking around a little. As a bonus, there are gimmicks that arouse fear, such as “paintings staring at the player”, “mysterious memos that seem to have caused a fuss” (Pokemon Platinum only), and so on. The highest rank is “a girl and an old man passing by the Western-style building”. The former appears in the guest room and the latter in the cafeteria in front of the player, but there is no conversation part, etc., just in sight and does not harm us. That said, the impact of the first look is definitely huge. Weird productions that seemed to be ghosts, such as “floating without moving your legs” and “already disappearing when you think you were in sight,” instilled fear in many players. With the release of the remake version of “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl” scheduled for November 19, 2021, it has been gaining attention again on the Internet for over 15 years. ● Lumiose City (Pokemon X and Y) Lastly, I would like to introduce you to the “Lumiose City Building” of “Pokemon X and Y” (2013 / Nintendo 3DS). Northside Street in Miare City, a prosperous metropolis in the Kalos region. A “woman looking for something” suddenly appears in the nameless building that rises along the street. The event scene lasts for tens of seconds. When you arrive at the 2nd floor by elevator, a woman with black hair and a black dress appears as the screen goes dark. Slowly slide from behind the player to the front of the screen, muttering “You are different …” and disappearing to the office on the second floor. Of course, even if you look at the office, it is not popular at all, not only does it not know where the woman went, but also the intention of the message sent to the player is unknown. In addition, she appears only once, and the truth is not revealed in the work. I can hear a ghost story from a man near “Kunoe City” that makes me feel the relevance, but in the end, I still don’t understand the whole story. Perhaps because most of it is a mystery, the Miare City building is famous as a horror spot that is easy for the community to consider, just like the Western-style building above. In addition to the horror spots introduced this time, the “Pokemon” series has a lot of rumors that have been handed down among fans, as well as stunning productions. Urban legends and rumors may need to be careful about their authenticity and the source of information, but if you are concerned about the settings adopted in the main story, “Actual Pokemon Horror Spot” by Pokemon official management (Web page) Why don’t you check it out?