■ South Korea ranked second in 2019 “robot density” … Singapore and Japan ranked first?Hotels are emerging as the forefront of robot popularization. Robots equipped with technologies such as AI, image recognition, and autonomous driving have begun to replace humans, triggered by non-face-to-face demand from Corona. Major hotel chains in China and India, as well as the United States, are promoting the introduction of robots, and are developing robot beds and even moving self-driving hotels. Professor Lee Chang-young of the Graduate School of Technology Management at Nishie University said, “The era of” Bothel (a composite word of robots and hotels), where robots are the center of hotel management, is not far away. ” ■ From bed robots to self-driving hotels Shanghai Keigo, a robot company in Shanghai, China, is currently the hottest start-up company in the global robot industry. Established in 2019, it has delivered customer service robots to more than 1,000 locations, including Home in Selected, a major hotel chain in China. Keigo’s robot moves around the hotel at the speed at which people walk, delivering food and mail to the guest rooms. When standing in the lobby, it acts as a security guard and can measure body temperature. Recently, it has added a function to sell products and make payments immediately, and has also taken charge of hotel store management. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the robots deployed at the Nyoke Commercial Travel Hotel do the work equivalent to one employee and one security guard, reducing the monthly labor cost by 9,000 yuan (about 160,000 yen). It is said that it was done.