“Emergency Interrogation Room” key visual featuring Yuki Amami, Fumiyo Kohinata, and Akisuka Kudo

“Emergency Interrogation Room” is a popular series starring Yuki Amami, which began broadcasting in 2014, and this is the fourth season. “LITMUS” is a song written for the drama, written by Issei Kobayashi (Gt) and composed by Issei Kobayashi and Shingo Anami (Ba). In addition, it has been decided that his fourth single “LITMUS” will be released on August 25th with the same song as the title song. In addition to “LITMUS” for the single, a light up-tune “Ayou Lady” written as the theme song of the movie “Urban Tom & Soya”, and an exhilarating pop that cuts out the sparkle of youth with the CM song of “SEA BEEZE” The number “Future, future” is recorded. In addition, the first limited edition will come with a Blu-ray containing the one-man live “SINGALONG tour -last piece-” held in 2020. Green-yellow society 4th SINGLE “LITMUS” released on August 25 (Wednesday)