[Photo]A photobook cut full of sex appeal from the newly taken photo … “Full of charm” Miona Hori’s photo galleryHori said, “I usually do plays, but I personally like makeup and fashion, so I thought it would be great if I could share information with everyone through YouTube.” For the future, “I would like to introduce make-up in the role of a drama, and my own make-up and hair arranging techniques that I cultivated during the Nogizaka46 era. I want to convey that it leads to beauty, “he said. In a relaxed atmosphere while eating donuts, he answered questions asked by fans while talking about episodes before joining Nogizaka46 and his thoughts on makeup. “Please tell us your favorite base make-up these days,” “What are you doing with pore care?” And “Please tell me your lipstick.” Hori is challenging the project to produce all 7 members of the 2nd gen member in the graduation commemorative photo book “Unknowingly”. I think it’s a lot of fun because people smile, “he said, but he’s already working hard, creating a place where he can interact with his fans on YouTube. In addition, as an actress, she will star in W with Atsuhiro Inukai in the drama “Saletagawa no Blue” (started on July 13 in the MBS / TBS dramaism frame).