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According to the current status of classes announced by the Ministry of Education (equivalent to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) on that day, 6944 (89.4%) of the 7768 children, elementary, middle and high schools in the metropolitan area have switched to online classes. Only 693 schools went to school. In Gyeonggi-do, 4554 schools switched to online lessons, the highest number. This was followed by 1599 schools in Seoul and 791 schools in Incheon. In the metropolitan area, all schools have switched to online classes, with the exception of final exams, grade confirmation, and vaccination-related education for third-year high school students. This online class will be held for about two weeks before the summer vacation. According to the Ministry of Education, most schools will be on summer vacation by the coming 19-23. After the epidemic prevention authorities announced on the 9th that the epidemic prevention measures in the metropolitan area would be upgraded, the school was suddenly switched to online classes, and the school scene was in a hurry. In some schools, it is difficult to secure a space for after-school care, and some teachers provide after-school care while teachers are conducting lessons in the classroom. On the 12th of this month, following the Incheon school in Gyeonggi-do, online lessons were concentrated on the school in Seoul on that day, and there was a temporary problem with the connection of the lesson platform. At an elementary school in Koto Ward, Seoul, 790 students from all schools had problems with online classes from the same day. Kim Terim, a teacher at the school, said, “I couldn’t make a connection. I tried to hold a zoom conference from yesterday, but it didn’t happen.” “Sometimes the screen went black,” he said. “It is necessary to improve the Internet problem.” Teachers and parents said that it would be difficult to attend school in the second semester as the outbreak of the new coronavirus continues, and that the education authorities will start to take measures. Parents with children in the second year of junior high school said, “I want you to take measures to improve the quality of online lessons rather than recklessly going to school.” I want you to study how students can safely go to school. ” Gyeonggi-do elementary school teachers also said, “If this tendency continues, it will be difficult to go to school in the second semester.” We will have to prepare a plan with this in mind. “