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■ Discounts for some eligible models for “First-time smartphone purchase support” where terminals are discounted by changing models from Galaxy A51 5G, Raku-Raku smartphone F-42A, arrows Be4 FOMA, or by switching from another company’s 3G line to MNP. The amount has been increased. If you change the model to “Galaxy A51 5G SC-54A” when changing the contract from FOMA, the terminal charge will be discounted by 60,500 yen. Similarly, the “Raku-Raku Smartphone F-42A” is discounted by 33,000 yen, and the “arrows Be4 F-41A” is discounted by 18,700 yen. ■ iPhone 12/12 mini From July 16th, purchases of “iPhone 12” and “iPhone 12 mini” with new contracts will be eligible for “5G WELCOME Discount”. If you purchase “iPhone 12” (64GB / 128GB) or “iPhone 12 mini” (64GB / 128GB) online with a new contract, you will receive 20,000 d points. If you purchase the iPhone 12 series with MNP, the “5G WELCOME Discount” will be applied and the terminal price will be discounted by 22,000 yen. ■ Xperia Ace II From July 16th, “Xperia Ace II SO-41B” will be eligible for “Terminal purchase discount”. If you purchase “Xperia Ace II SO-41B” online with a new contract, the terminal fee will be discounted by 16,500 yen.