[Image]Interaction with the criminalScammers use contacts on Discord, a chat tool that Steam users often use to collaborate with friends. In the case of mobbbbbbb, it started with a message from a person who claims to be “Sensui”, complaining that he was “scammed by someone who seems to be you.” When mobbbbbbb responded unintentionally without listening to the uneasy story, Sensui said, “The item was deceived by a person with the exact same profile as you.” Steam has a system that allows you to trade in-game items for money (Steam wallet), but it seems that there are often cases where only items are taken without being paid. Mobbbbbbb, who doesn’t remember at all, speculates that his spoofing is fraudulent. Sensui seemed to be in a hurry when he told him he wasn’t himself, saying, “I’ve reported you as a scammer, so please contact the Steam administrator directly to explain it.” I’ve been doing it. The person who appeared at the destination was a person who called himself “Dennis Geels (Steam Support)”. As I learned later, this person was also a member of Sensui. “Mobbbbbbb’s account has been notified and is pending disposal, and if nothing is done as it is, it will be banned forever” and so on. If BAN is done as it is, mobbbbbbb will be greatly upset because he will not be able to play a huge amount of games that he has invested a lot of money. You will be asked to show your purchase history on Steam for confirmation and will obediently follow. However, mobbbbbbb later regrets that this was the aim of the scammers. If you forget your password, Steam has a mechanism that allows you to change your password using “Proof of Purchase”. If the password is broken based on the purchase price, the rest is at the scammer’s discretion. Mobbbbbbb, who believed in the other person completely because of the awkward Japanese realism reminiscent of Steam’s UI, taught me the two-step verification code required to check the account, and the account was completely hijacked. I’ve done it. The scammer rampages by sending a message with the hijacked account to try to trap mobbbbbbb’s friend. In addition, the fake support called “to recover the log data of the database” and instructed “I will return it later, so please pay $ 500 (about 55,000 yen) temporarily”. If you don’t comply, it will tell you that even the credit card you use on Steam can become unusable. Mobbbbbbb, who thought he was completely official support, would pay $ 500 as instructed, but that’s not the end of the story. The other party further informed me that “the database recovery failed. You will need to purchase $ 800 to continue the process.” After receiving another request, mobbbbbbb realized that he was finally deceived. “Please be aware that Steam Support does not contact us directly or use a third-party chat system to assist you in resolving issues,” concludes the note article. In addition, the hijacked account was recovered by reporting to genuine support. When I inquired from “I want to recover my stolen Steam account” on the support page, I heard that I was able to reset my password and recover it.