[All photos]”Star Wars: Visions” kick-off event

The events held in Tokyo include director Junpei Mizusaki (Kamikaze video), director Masahiko Otsuka (Kinema Citrus), director Eunyoung Choi, director Abel Gongora (Science SARU), director Yuki Igarashi (Geno Studio), and Taku Kimura. Director (Studio Colorado), Masahiko Otsuka, Hiroyuki Imaishi (Trigger), Kenji Kamiyama (Production IG) are all in line. Saya Ichikawa, a talent who professes to like “Star Wars”, also rushed in. Disney + explained the background of this project, “The story told in the galaxy far away from” Star Wars “has been influenced a lot by Japanese mythology and Akira Kurosawa’s film from the beginning.” “In this new Star Wars: Visions, we’ll delve further into the cultural heritage of each animation studio through its unique style and perspective.” Director Kamiyama said that he saw the first movie of “Star Wars” when he was 13 years old. “At that time, I thought I would become a person who makes” Star Wars “someday,” he recalled. I have no choice but to rejoice. I returned to my innocent 13-year-old child and worked on it. ” Director Kamiyama is working on a short film named “The Ninth Jedi.” Set in the world after “Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker” released in 2019, “Is the galaxy really peaceful? On top of that, the charm of” Star Wars “lightsaber and Jedi knight “I drew the story of our” rebirth “,” he said, “a young man with no name like Luke Skywalker travels to the ocean and develops an adventure. Also mentioned. In recent years, I have often worked on 3DCG works, but this work challenged hand-drawn animation for the first time in a long time, “The character is moving lively with a different amount of heat than CG. Japan’s proud IG animators and animation of drawing I was excited to be able to make it. ” Ichikawa said, “It’s too luxurious. There are so many studios that represent Japan based on world-class content,” he said. He pointed out that the popularity of Japanese animation is increasing in the United States as the distribution progresses due to the influence of the corona wreckage. I would like to expect a synergistic effect of knowing each other’s charms. I think we can have the best cultural exchange. ” The event also featured comments from Lucasfilm’s James War, executive producer. -Mr. James War (Lucasfilm) Create a new story from the galaxy of “Star Wars” from the perspective of the world’s leading anime creators. Seven Japanese anime studios deliver nine wonderful stories. We asked the creators to provide a place for free thinking and to expand the creative possibilities of “Star Wars” through animation. This is the media we love, anime. It is also a love letter from Lucasfilm, which sends to the Japanese culture that gave birth to anime. Anime continued to inspire Lucasfilm. Its influence can be seen in various parts such as Lucasfilm animations, comics, games, novels, and their narratives. I’ve always thought that the worldview and creative tones peculiar to anime can be well integrated with the deep worldview of Star Wars. It’s important to note that the project’s approach is unusual and unique, not all in line with the official history of Star Wars. Instead, I wanted each piece to take advantage of the uniqueness of the art form of “animation,” so I wanted the production team to show their creativity and use their own process to bring out the possibilities of anime. I had you pursue it. Please like the world view and realize the rich storytelling potential of Lucasfilm. I would like all anime fans who are not familiar with “Star Wars” to enjoy adventure, world view, story theme, and timeless mythology.Interview / text / photo = Ryo Uchida “Star Wars Visions” Disney + will be distributed worldwide on September 22nd