[Other images]Package also has “How about Wednesday” specificationsWe recorded 26 kinds of voice guidance by popular directors of the program, Tadahisa Fujimura and Masamichi Ureshino. For example, when the battery level is low, “Oh, you should charge it quickly, and you should charge it”, and when the volume setting is maximized, “It’s the maximum! It’s impossible!” Inform by tone. According to Sharp, this collaboration was made possible because the person in charge of development of AQUOS Sound Partner was a fan of the program, and the “people in the middle” (person in charge) of Sharp’s official Twitter had been interacting with the program directors for some time. The reason why he dared to appoint a director instead of a talent is that “it feels like the user is participating in the program.” Director Tadahisa Fujimura said, “How about a product that should only be sold to the feudal lords (enthusiastic fans of the program)? Because this guy has an arrogant tone. There are no such home appliances. Because you can hear the direction voice that Mr. Oizumi (Mr. Hiroshi Oizumi) and Mr. Mr. (Mr. Takayuki Suzui) always hear in your ears. It ’s a member of the group. ” AQUOS Sound Partner is a Bluetooth-connected neck speaker that allows you to listen to the sound of your TV or smartphone. In the collaboration model, the logo of How Do You Like Wednesday was printed on the main body, the attached Bluetooth transmitter, and the product package. How about Wednesday, the popular “Travel Variety” of Hokkaido Television Broadcasting, which has been broadcast since 1996. Initially it was a late-night local program, but it became a popular program because of the exquisite interaction between the performers Yo Oizumi and Takayuki Suzui and the two directors. Currently, it is broadcast on 30 stations nationwide.