[Photo]Maya Kobayashi, whose marriage is at a critical stageThe two married in July 2018 on zero dating days. Kobayashi retired after getting married, but the following year, the couple resumed their talent activities. After getting married, Mr. Kunimitsu came to accompany Kobayashi’s workplace, saying, “Because the direction is not good, change the location,” and complaining about the costumes that were prepared, but that reminds me. That is the brainwashing turmoil of Othello and Nakajima. “Mr. Nakajima also started to accompany her to the work site when she became a self-proclaimed female fortune-teller, and started complaining that she didn’t like the color of her costume. Eventually, Mr. Nakajima’s entertainment The activity was affected, and at the end, after the rent was delinquent, the two of us caused a riot in the condominium and disappeared from the entertainment world. Now in Oita prefecture, living with the self-proclaimed female fortune-teller, in the hot spring town I work for snacks. ”(Women’s weekly magazine reporter) Nakajima couldn’t get rid of the self-proclaimed female fortune-teller after all, but Kobayashi’s divorce is likely to be still unsuccessful. (Zakzak editorial department)