Boosting diverse inputs

* Subscription service: A service that allows you to use content, etc. for a certain period of time at a fixed rate. The target is regular employees and contract employees. Employees who have one or more of more than 50 subscription services such as video, games, music, comics, and information magazines will receive a monthly allowance of 2000 yen. The system was introduced to enhance employee leisure and provide input for creative thinking. The background is that more teleworking and refraining from going out have increased the amount of time spent at home. When introducing the service, it seems that the opinions of employees such as “I want a service that everyone can use” are also taken into consideration. The system will start on July 1, 2021. In addition to the “subscription allowance,” a welfare program will be introduced that allows students to take courses such as programming and web design provided by the Dwango-operated learning app “N Preparatory School” for general members for free.