[Image]Children growing up quicklyMr. Ebizo posted a video with the title “[4 years]Mother’s importance. I think after all.” Four years have passed since my beloved wife left, and while looking back at the past photos, “I thought Mao was fighting illness and was very old until about last year. I’m very old for about 6 years from 2013 to 19 years. After all, I can’t hide it. ” Mr. Ebizo, who has recently regained his youthfulness little by little, said, “It was just that much … (at that time) it was really hard …” Looking back on the days. Not only did the press rush to say, “The media is amazing,” but he also said that there was no end to the solicitation of religious groups, saying, “About five cases a day.” I revealed the reason why I moved to the condominium from my home. Ebizo also mentioned the eldest daughter, Reika, and the eldest son, Kangen, who are growing up in a family without a mother, saying, “I’ll do something about it … children!” While adding an apology saying that it is a personal opinion, “I think it would be better for children to have no mother …, I think it would be better if there was no father.” “Mother’s love and warmth are nothing. “It’s irreplaceable,” he said, saying that the children needed the presence of Mr. Kobayashi rather than his father. Especially for Takugen-kun, who lost his mother at the age of four, “I have never tasted the warmth of my mother” and “Mao is a person who wanted to give (warmth), so I got the warmth I originally got … No … I’m going back, how are you feeling? ” Even so, at the end, he closed the video with positive words, “I feel like I’ve calmed down a little compared to the difficulty of four or five years ago.”