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● Do not start the engine yourself. ● Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are equipped with a high-voltage system, so do not touch the vehicle unnecessarily. ● Remove the terminal on the negative side of the battery as it may catch fire due to a short circuit in the electrical system. Take measures such as covering the removed terminal with tape so that it does not come into contact with the battery. ● Contact a road service or dealer, or consult a garage. ● If you have to move the vehicle, set the gear to neutral and push it to move. A car damaged by flooding or flooding may cause a fire. Even if there seems to be no problem in appearance, there is a risk of a vehicle fire due to an electric shock accident or a short circuit in the electric system. If the height of the water reaches the floor, it is considered that the vehicle has been damaged by flooding. Also, if water is coming out while you are away from the car, look inside the car immediately after the water is drained, and if water or water droplets remain or are damp on the floor, it is still damaged by flooding. Conceivable. It also calls for measures such as refraining from driving when the road is flooded and moving to higher ground to park.