[Photo]”Stuck SHOT” with the second daughter, which conveys the kindness of the eldest daughter, is released

In response to this post, the fans said, “Very cute sisters,” “I’m warm,” “Very healed,” “Gentle and cute,” “Wonderful,” “Friendly children who can convey Anna’s heart,” and “Sisters who have always been good friends. I want you to stay. ” On SNS, Tsuchiya often spells out the daily lives of his 4-year-old eldest daughter and 2-year-old second daughter. It seems that the two people who are close to the age are playing a lot, and they have also published the appearance of working together for ballet and piano, and enjoying playing house in the kitchen. Such a close sister, but in a past post, “A picture book of Mr. Daruma who loves Sena. Until now, I was imitated by everyone. (Sic)” “But now I’ve been in Nijinami for the rest of my life. I’ll read it hard and I will imitate Nijinami in the same way. “It is revealed that the eldest daughter was showing one side as an older sister. Every time I see my eldest daughter, who grew up being watched by the people around her, now loving her second daughter and helping her grow, her mother, Tsuchiya, and the fans who watch over her are not excited. I wonder. Tsuchiya is a model, singer, and actress who is active in various fields. On his YouTube channel “ANNA’S TV”, he also distributes various contents such as singing videos and makeup videos.Image Source: Anna Tsuchiya Official Instagram