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As the first concrete initiative of this collaboration, DoCoMo participated in the “Himeji Walkable Council” established by ZMP as the managing company. Walkable is a coined word that means “comfortable and makes you want to walk.” Both companies will start projects aimed at realizing a walkable town development in Himeji, such as improving the operation of walking speed robots and creating new tourism services. This project will be Japan’s first initiative to remotely manage and control single-seater compact mobility via 5G communication and drive on public roads. By utilizing 5G “high-speed, large-capacity” and “low-delay” communication, the position information of the robot, the images of multiple cameras installed on the robot, and the information of surrounding obstacles by sensors, etc. are transmitted to the remote management system in real time. , Realize safe operation of autonomous driving robots on public roads. We will also work to create new tourism services that combine walking speed robots and wearable XR devices. ZMP aims to create a new town development model that combines 5G and robots in Himeji City through the efforts of this council and the study of collaboration with DoCoMo, and further expands the town development model cultivated here nationwide. Autonomous movement that combines 5G and XR technology with three walking speed robots such as walking speed mobility “RakuRo”, unmanned home delivery robot “DeliRo”, and unmanned security / disinfection robot “PATORO” We will contribute to regional development and resolution of social issues by promoting demonstration experiments and social implementation.