[Watch the video “It’s green … there are various greens …!”]Posted by Jenny. It seems that Jenny’s brother gave a color-blind glasses to his father as a gift. At first glance, they are ordinary sunglasses, but they are glasses that make it easier to distinguish colors. Dad put on his glasses and looked around, and he was silent with his eyes on the scenery. As you can see carefully, when you mutter “Green …” in a quiet voice, you giggle and start laughing. When my brother asks, “Can you see the colors?”, He smiles, “It’s green … there are various greens …!”. Even after that, I noticed the difference between “blue of the sky” and “blue of the sea”, picked up the color chart and perceived “purple” for the first time. I’m going to be impressed. When I asked my father how impressed he was when he put on his glasses through Jenny, he said as follows. “It wasn’t until I was 60 years old that I understood the expressions of words such as” colorful “and” colorful. “Even now, when I see the natural colors such as plants, flowers, sky and sunset, I am fascinated by magic. I don’t want to take off my glasses anymore. “” There were so many kinds of “green” in my eyes, and it was as if the colors were competing to get my attention. ” According to him, when he tried to order similar glasses in the past, his father refused, “I can live separately, it looks annoying, and it looks expensive.” This product could be worn over the glasses, so it was possible to give it as a surprise. “It’s normal for people with color blindness to not see it, so I think they were in a state of’not knowing what they didn’t know’what the colorful world was like.” “Maybe it was a little noisy. I’m sorry, but I’m glad I was able to give it as a gift over the next few years. I want my father to enjoy a lot of colors from now on. ” It is a tool that helps people with color vision impairment to recognize colors. It blocks and transmits light of a specific wavelength, making it easier to perceive the three primary colors of “red,” “green,” and “blue.” It should be noted that the symptoms of color vision deficiency vary from person to person, so some people may be able to distinguish colors, while others may not feel much effect. It is a wonderful image that makes you think again about the attractiveness of colors that overflow in the field of vision and the effect on your feelings.Image courtesy of Jenny