Price difference from the old planFor the 5GB and 8GB plans, there is also a mechanism called “Giga Plus”. This is a service that gives you 3GB and 6GB of data when you use it for 3 months, and the validity period is 3 months. The user is free to decide when to use it, but if it is smoothed out every month, the 5GB plan will be 6GB and the 8GB plan will be 10GB. Taking into account the data capacity of Giga Plus, the value of nuromobile stands out even more. On the other hand, the data capacity above the medium capacity, which was originally low, is not provided, and at the moment, the flat-rate voice call is up to 10 minutes, and an application called “nuro Denwa” that assigns a prefix number is required. Not compatible with 5G. Also, although the company is under the umbrella of Sony, which is familiar with Xperia, the lineup of terminals seems a little lonely. How does nuromobile perceive these issues? We asked the company about future strategies as well as trends after the start of Value Plus. In the interview, Mr. Akemi Kamiyama, the manager of the MVNO business office, who leads the company’s MVNO business, Mr. Takeo Kamei, the manager of the service design section of the same room, and Mr. Naoki Tanaka, the manager of the sales and marketing section of the same room, answered.