[Video]A goose that comes out slimy from the mouth of a giant python

A python that does not move away from the hut without being disturbed by the rushed firefighters. Judging that the capture work in a small hut would be dangerous, the crew decided to use a tool to pull the python out. The dragged python spit out the goose that had been swallowed on the spot, and was finally put in a metal cage for use. Since the wild python has been designated as a protected animal, it was subsequently released in a remote forest. The other day in Japan, an incident occurred in which a pet python escaped. So what should you do if you actually encounter a python? Snakes are very sensitive to the sense of smell, so if you spray them with a stimulating scent such as garlic, they will escape. However, since wild pythons do not live in Japan, it is best to notify the local government as soon as you find them, like the residents of this farm.