[Photo]Sayuri Matsumura held an online press conference to commemorate the release of the graduation commemorative photo book “When can I meet next?”

Along the way, a comment from a fan requested the special move “Sayuri Ringo Punch”. “What if this is the last Sayuri apple punch in my life … I don’t know, but I may continue to do it, and if the date changes, I may not be happy if my feelings change …” Apple ~, Punch! ” At the end of the game, he said, “I will no longer be a member of Nogizaka46 from tomorrow, so I really want to give you the final greeting.” I think there were a lot of them, but what I can remember now is a lot of really fun memories. I had a lot of troubles, but now I can laugh in front of you and say “Thank you for your hard work!” I think life is happy. ” He added, “I’m not a very well-made person, I’ve been here for 10 years with the help of people around me, but I’m really happy today, and so many people. I think it’s really amazing to be able to reach the last moment while being watched over by. ” “But I think it was thanks to all of you, the staff, and so many people who have supported me so far, so I don’t think it would have happened if I was alone. So thank you again. Matsumura continued, “I’m glad I entered Nogizaka46, met a lot of warm people, and was touched by the warmth of human beings.” “I liked watching anime alone at home,” he recalled. “But when I entered Nogizaka46, I met a lot of people and loved talking to people and doing something with them. I think he really changed my life. ” “A lot of people say I’m glad I met, but I really think so. I’m as many as everyone can say,’Thank you for joining Nogizaka46.’ Thank you for making me shine as a member of Nogizaka46. ” I shed tears while laughing, “Fufufufu”. “I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. It’s over. It’s over.” He said, “I’m lonely, but everyone may have some difficult or difficult things in the future, but let’s all continue to support each other and live!” “If this date changes, I’ll be just Sayuri Matsumura. I’m happy to be with you at this moment. Thank you until the very end.” Just before the end of the distribution, he reiterated, “The next time I meet you, I’m not Nogizaka46.” On top of that, “I’m not Nogizaka46, but I’ve always loved Nogizaka46 and want to support it. I was really happy to be in Nogizaka46. Thank you for your support! Let’s meet again! Thank you, everyone loves you! I love you! “