[See another image about this article]The roundtable featured the company’s efforts and content planned to be provided during the tournament. In this article, we will deliver the situation. ■ What is the affinity between sports and Twitter? The first speaker was Mr. Pierre Moriyama, who is in charge of the Olympic Games at Twitter Japan. He gave a presentation on the theme of “Synergies and Expected Values ​​of Sports and Twitter.” Moriyama emphasizes that Twitter is “the most used platform for watching sports.” You can check commentary comments while watching the game at the venue, share your impressions with other users while watching TV, and watch sports and Twitter have a high affinity. The Tokyo Olympics were held without spectators, but even if you can’t feel the heat from the TV broadcast, you can share the excitement by watching the communication on Twitter. According to Mr. Moriyama, sports fans on Twitter are actively using Twitter, and many users post and share on a daily basis. “Real-timeness is important for sports, and the platform called Twitter, which has a high affinity with real-timeness, is especially preferred by sports fans,” he analyzes. In addition, communication on Twitter has the characteristic of easily spreading to other media. As an example, Moriyama cites US President Trump’s tweets as being featured in the media every day. Following on from past competitions, the IOC encourages athletes to use social media at this Olympic Games as well. Therefore, it seems that you can check the live voices of many players on Twitter. Of the less than 600 Japanese athletes, nearly 400 have already opened Twitter accounts. In addition, with the cooperation of the JOC, a lecture on Twitter utilization is being developed within the JOC app as an essential training for Japanese athletes. □ Comparison with the Rio de Janeiro Olympics In addition to the voices of athletes, the Olympics where many fans talk on Twitter. In the case of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics held in 2016, tweets using the hashtag “Rio 2016” were tweeted 187 million times worldwide. And this time, there were 51 million tweets in Japan using the words “Olympic” and “Olympic” from July last year to June this year. Moriyama predicts that “the number of tweets will be significantly higher than the previous number (Rio Olympics),” given that this number is still before the Games. □ What is the data for the 2019 Rugby World Cup? The last thing he showed off was the volume data of tweets about the 2019 Rugby World Cup. The number of tweets, which was modest before the tournament, jumped up at once after the start of the tournament, about 40 times that before the tournament. In addition, nearly one million tweets were generated regarding the most exciting match against Scotland. Compared to the Rugby World Cup, it is expected that the tweet volume will be larger in the case of the Olympic Games where multiple competitions are held at the same time. Mr. Moriyama commented, “Because Twitter is a platform that can visualize the excitement, please pay attention (to Twitter) during the tournament.” ■ About Twitter features and content to be provided during the tournament David Corbin, who subsequently took the stage, is in charge of curating APAC at Twitter Japan. He introduced Twitter features and content that will be available during the tournament. Corbyn’s team analyzes “why this tweet is trending” and “what people are saying” and provides background information. Regarding the content scheduled to be provided at the Tokyo Olympics, Mr. Corbyn said, “The” content relationship “that provides the optimum content for each user, and the” timelyness “that provides the content during the competition. The concept is important. ” As one of the concrete examples of the contents, a new tab of the Tokyo Olympics will be released on Twitter. “We haven’t set a release date yet, but it will be released next week,” Corbyn said. In addition to displaying tweets for each competition on the event page, we plan to provide video content. In topics, tweets about attention players and competitions are automatically displayed on the user’s timeline. These features are expected to be offered not only at the Olympics but also at the Paralympics.