and will be put up for auction.

[Video]Banksy’s NFT art work “SPIKE”

NFT… Non-Fungible Tokens = Non-fungible tokens are digital assets established by blockchain technology. Auctions are held on the startup NFT platform, Valuart. The original work of the NFT is a piece of stone that Banksy discovered in Palestine more than 10 years ago with the letters “SPIKE” written on it. It is now owned by Valart co-founder and world-famous opera singer Vittorio Grigolo. It seems that the plan is to sell the CG version of this as an NFT and donate 50% of the profits to charity. “The purpose of Valart is to rethink the valuable artwork created so far and give today’s collectors the opportunity to capture some of their creative history.” However, there are people who ring the alarm bell at this auction. According to the US media HYPEBEAST, Jeff Gluck, a lawyer familiar with US intellectual property rights, said, “If Banksy does not allow NFTs to be listed, this may be illegal. The right to create is owned by the creator, the copyright owner (Banksy in this case), not the owner. It is also gray that Banksy’s name is used in the promotion. ” That is. If it goes according to schedule, the sale will start at 22:22 (Central European Summer Time) on July 22, but will it be put up safely? And in that case, how much can be priced? I want to keep an eye on the trends.