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* The release date announcement video “Where the Heart Leads” released in March 2021 is a work that experiences the life of himself and his family under the theme of the human relationship of a man with a family “Whit Anderson”. During the film, players interfere with each other through choices, changing the lives of Whit himself and his family. In a Playstation.Blog post published in March 2021, Todd Keller, the director of the game, introduces the features of “make your own story” gameplay. In addition, the number of characters recorded in this work is more than 600,000 words. It is said that there are a huge number of choices and dozens of endings. Also, in the post, as an example of the options that appear in the work, the selection when “the rental housing was expelled due to the damage caused by the storm” was introduced. * If you choose to “sell your wife’s land”, you will move to a new residence. * If you choose the “use your imagination” option, a unique building will be built on your wife’s land. According to the report, this work is indirectly influenced by works such as “HEAVY RAIN -When the heart squeaks-“, “Oxenfree”, “Xenogias”, and “Vagrant Story”. The production also seems to be influenced by film directors David Lynch, Wes Anderson, and Nicolas Winding Refn. The official Japanese website of PlayStation also has a work introduction page, so if you are interested, please check it out.Writer / Yoshimune