[Photo]”Cuteness of foul class” “Finally Miimayu” echoed … NiziU / MAYUKA’s purple pigtail & 2 shots with MIIHI

Posted 4 photos spelled “Twintail Mayuka”. The first and second pieces are straight twintails, and the third piece is woven twintails, which are fascinating with different impressions. All hair colors are purple. The 4th shot is the same as the 3rd shot, with 2 shots of MAYUKA and MIIHI wearing a braided pigtail. The two are looking at the camera from about the same facial angle. From the followers of this post, “Mayuka & Mihi are too cute” “Hair color looks too good !!” “Purple hair pigtail is too strong” “Korya yabe !!” There were voices such as “Finally Miimayu”, “Ah angel”, “It looks good with purple dantotsu!”, “It’s too cute and the time has stopped …” “Twintail is already cute for the foul class …”.