[Image]Twitter’s efforts at the Olympic and Paralympic GamesTwitter Japan’s APAC Curation Lead said, “If hoaxes affect public safety, we will respond based on the operational policy,” and will consider measures such as the US presidential election in 20 years. .. However, depending on the content of the hoax, there is a possibility that it will be handled differently. As a measure for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Twitter Japan has also set up an “event page” that summarizes competition information and videos of the Games, and is working with the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) to liven up the Games. Will also be done. On the event page, a tab called “# Tokyo2020” is set up at the top of the search screen for the app version and browser version. In addition to posting videos provided by partner companies and topics curated by Twitter Japan, users’ tweets are automatically collected and posted. In cooperation with the JOC, the Japanese team members will be given a lecture on how to use Twitter, and the players themselves will share their enthusiasm and impressions. In response to the request of Chairman Seiko Hashimoto (Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee) who wants to liven up the unattended game, the company will also make efforts to deliver support videos posted from overseas to the stadium.