[Image]Shot of Mitsugami-san and her daughterIn a blog on June 17, Mitsugami reported that his eldest daughter, who was eight months old, woke up many times in the middle of the night and cried, so he suspected a disease such as night terrors and consulted a neurology department. After that, in a blog on July 2, I reported that I measured the brain waves of my eldest daughter who slept with sleeping pills at a large hospital. According to Mr. Mitsugami, he was in a state of “always waking up 30 minutes after sleeping, crying like madness, and rampaging”, but the test result was “no abnormality”. “I think it’s !? I’m wondering, too !?”, but the doctor explained, “I’m just not good at sleeping.” “Mom is surprised, aren’t you too bad at sleeping?” “What were your worries so far … What were those days?” Mr. Mitsugami. It is said that it will improve naturally as the age of the moon rises, and it seems that Mr. Mitsugami’s own sleep training has already improved to the point where it is okay if he wakes up two or three times at night.