Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei has decided to agree to a one-year patent litigation with US telecommunications company Verizon.

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According to the Wall Street Journal on the 12th (local time), Huawei and Verizon filed a joint application with the Texas State Court on the same day to dismiss Huawei’s patent infringement lawsuit and Verizon’s counterclaim. The specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Huawei sued in February last year that Verizon used 12 Huawei patents without approval in areas such as computer networks, downloads, security, and video communications networks, and court hearings began on the 7th of this month. .. Verizon said on its official website that it was “happy to have an agreement on patent proceedings with Huawei” and that “although the terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, it has succeeded in resolving the long-term problem.” Huawei also said, “We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Verizon to end the company patent proceedings.” The patent proceedings raise the view that Huawei will file similar proceedings against other global companies, using the many patent rights it holds as a weapon. According to the World Intellectual Property Office, Huawei filed 5,464 patents last year, ranking number one in the world for four consecutive years. During the same period, the European Patent Office (EPO) ranked second with 3113 patents, and was recently announced by the American Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) in the “2020 US Patent Registration Top 300 Large Companies and Institutions” 7 It became the place. Huawei currently holds more than 10,000 intellectual property rights in the United States alone, and registered 3,178 patents last year, surpassing Microsoft and Apple.