[Image]Video is being distributed with the official app “EVA-EXTRA”Of the two finale stage greetings held at “Shinjuku Wald 9” on the 11th, the first one that was held after the screening at 1:35 pm will be delivered. It was broadcast live to 333 theaters nationwide on the day, but some problems such as interruptions occurred due to the influence of rain. It is said that it will be specially delivered as compensation. Fans welcomed the quick response on Twitter, and the tweet of the announcement collected more than 6,600 likes in an hour and a half. Voices of gratitude are spreading, such as “God correspondence” and “(Official) correspondence, become a myth.” In addition, there are conspicuous voices such as “Please give me the second time” and “Please consider the second time.” There was an opinion that the second time was held after the screening in the evening, and unlike the first time, there was no press, so I could hear a more interesting story. In addition to Hideaki Anno, the finale stage greetings will be given by four cast members, including voice actor Megumi Ogata, who has appeared in the first episode of the TV series. He talked about his memories of those days and his thoughts on the completion. The playback time of the video is about 37 minutes.