You can automatically record your favorite programs with “Random recording”

“DBR-T2010” (2TB) around 71,500 yen “DBR-T1010” (1TB) around 62,700 yen “DBR-W2010” (2TB) around 62,700 yen “DBR-W1010” (1TB) 57,200 The housing is the same for both the two series around the circle. While following the round design popular with family members, the housing design has been redesigned and the power button has been placed on the front to make the display easier to see. Realized slimming. By changing the remote control design of the W series to the same as that of the T series, it has become possible to operate the TVs of 10 major companies from the remote control of Regza Blu-ray. “Random recording” by registering keywords, a short-time viewing function that allows you to select the playback mode from the viewing time according to the free time, and a “smartphone de Regza” viewing function on the go using a smartphone, which are the features of Regza Blu-ray, etc. Continued to be equipped with various functions. You can automatically record your favorite programs and easily watch programs in the gap time. In combination with Toshiba TV “REGZA”, it supports “REGZA combination high image quality” that draws out the high image quality processing capability of REGZA by sending an appropriate video processing signal for REGZA high image quality processing. In addition, in combination with Cloud AI high image quality compatible Regza, which acquires information from the cloud and performs high image quality processing, it supports “Cloud AI high image quality cooperation” that allows you to enjoy high-quality TV programs recorded on the recorder side. When playing a program recorded on the recorder side, the detailed genre and image quality characteristics of the content are acquired from the cloud, the information is sent to the TV side, and the cloud AI high image quality compatible Regza is appropriate based on that information. By performing high-quality processing, it is possible to reproduce realistic images. In addition, “REGZA LINK” allows you to make recording reservations on this unit using the TV program guide, and you can also play recorded programs from the REGZA menu. It is also possible to dubb a program recorded on the TV side to this unit without deterioration. In addition, when a problem occurs, it is equipped with a “self-diagnosis mode” that allows you to check the status and remedy, and you can check the drive status, tuner reception status, Internet connection status, USB device connection status, and so on.