[Photo]Takuya Kimura who visited TOKYO FM wearing sunglassesWhen asked by Kimura about the origin of the group name of SixTONES, which was formed in 2015, Tanaka said, “At first, Mr. Johnny named it” Chic Stones “in all capital letters. The day after he announced that he became Stones, Johnny came to the waiting room for the live performance and suddenly started kneading “I don’t like Sixtones for a long time” … “Kimura said,” From the members. Isn’t it? From Johnny? ” Tanaka said, “Because it’s long and I don’t like being abbreviated, Johnny put only ix in lowercase on the whiteboard.” This is Stones. I don’t read ix because it’s in lowercase. “It means rough stone. It won’t be abbreviated by this!” Jesse also said, “My name was originally’Lewis Jesse’, but I became Jesse for a long time. At that time, I tried to feel the name, so I came up with a plan such as” Jesse with water for tax “. Kimura said, “It was good!” Tsukkomi said. In the end, it became katakana, but he added, “Shintaro Morimoto has a longer name, right?”