[Other images]“Backup and Sync” was released in 2017 for Windows and Mac as an integration of the previously available “Google Drive” app and “Google Photos Uploader.” In February of this year, Google announced that it would integrate this “backup and sync” with “Drive File Stream,” a tool for corporate customers that was also released in 2017, into a single sync client called “Google Drive for PC.” At that time, “backup and synchronization” users announced that they would need to move to “Google Drive for PC”. The migration schedule is as follows.・ From July 19th: A guide for migration will be displayed on “Backup and Sync” ・ From August 18th: Notification to users who have not yet migrated will be started ・ 10 Month 1: I can’t log in to “Backup and Sync”. In order to continue synchronization, it is necessary to migrate to “Google Drive for PC” The migration method is “We will inform you when the PC version drive becomes available”. The difference between the functions of “Backup and Sync” and “Google Drive for PC” is as shown in the linked image. Please refer to the official blog for information for managers of corporate customers.