[Seoul Yonhap News]North Korea’s promotional website for South Korea, “Uriminzokkiri,” issued a warning to the South Korean army on the 13th, ahead of the Korea-US joint military exercise scheduled for August. “The current instability in the Korean Peninsula is entirely due to the ill-advised military confrontation of South Korean military militants in collusion with outside forces,” the site said in a commentary. War exercises, armed forces, and peace are absolutely incompatible. ” Since North Korea has been demanding the cancellation of the Korea-US joint military exercise, there is a view that the presence or absence of the exercise in August and its scale will affect the North-South-US-North Korea relations for the time being. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) think tank, the National Intelligence Service, said that if the joint exercise in August is to be carried out on a normal scale, North Korea will say, “It is necessary to launch a test in terms of technology. It may launch a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) that uses solid fuel. “