[Photo]Hannya Kawashima of Legend that appeared in Shizuka Midorikawa’s disused projectA request arrives from the laughing combination Hannya Kawashima of Legend under Midorikawa. The deadline is one week and the target amount is 160,000 yen. He wants to rent a piano for his daughter, Kia, with the money she sells. The items that appeared as disused items were magnum champagne and sofas bought from the predominant “Zukudanzunbungun” bubble. There is also a bag that Kawashima gave to his wife when he was just dating. My wife didn’t use it at all because she didn’t want it, so she doesn’t hesitate to sell it. In addition, Kawashima produced a product with a high hobby, but said that he has a large inventory. Midorikawa struggled hard because he couldn’t sell the Kawashima family’s disused items. However, a powerful helper, Saya Shimokawabe, this novel advice will change the flow. The Touch examines the eating method recommended by a registered dietitian teacher who is familiar with the program, “Rice is not fat when eaten cold rather than hot.” Cooling carbohydrates increases the amount of dietary fiber called “resistant starch,” which makes it harder to gain weight. The menu is the same, but for a full three days, Kazuya eats hot rice and Takuya eats cold rice. The side dishes of the rib set meal are warm, but the rice is cold, and the yakisoba and ramen are all cold. I’m jealous of hot rice, but I keep eating cold rice, saying “I have to believe it” to lose weight. What is the result?