[See another image about this article]Last month, it was announced that the Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) desktop application would be disabled on June 15, 2022. However, there are some things to keep in mind with this announcement. Fortunately, Microsoft has published an easy-to-understand Q & A (in English), so let’s take a look at it and explain only what is relevant to general users. ■ “Desktop application” of “IE 11” is disabled “IE” components are used in various parts of the OS and applications. Therefore, they will not be deprecated soon. Only “IE 11” (iexplore.exe) as a standalone “desktop application” is disabled. In order to prevent problems with old apps that assume the existence of “iexplore.exe”, “iexplore.exe” is not deleted and remains as it is. However, after disabling it, IE 11 will not start, but instead Microsoft Edge will start (this process is called a “redirect”). By the way, if “IE 11” is the default web browser, it will be changed to “Edge” after disabling it. ■ “IE 11” is disabled only for “specific Windows version” “IE 11” is disabled only for the following versions. A client SKU is an edition available to the general public, such as “Home” or “Pro”. -Windows 10 Client SKU (version 20H2 and later) -Windows 10 IoT (version 20H2 and later) On the other hand, the following versions are not covered by this announcement. You can start the “IE 11” desktop application (iexplore.exe) after June 15, 2022. -Windows 8.1-Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) -Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) (all versions) -Windows 10 IoT Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) (all versions) -Windows Server LTSC (all versions) Version) ・ Windows 10 client LTSC (all versions) ■ Is there a site that can only be viewed with “IE 11”? If you have a web page that can only be viewed normally in “IE 11”, you can use “IE mode” in “Edge” instead of “IE 11”. To use “IE mode”, first access the[Settings]screen from the[Settings, etc.]button ([…]icon) on the right end of the toolbar, and open the[Default Browser]page. You can also type “edge: // settings / defaultbrowser” in the address bar and press Enter. Next, turn on the toggle switch that says “Allow site reloading in Internet Explorer mode”. You may need to restart your web browser for the setting changes to take effect. This completes the settings required for the first time. After that, if you open the page you want to browse in “IE mode” and execute the[…]-[Other tools]-[Load side in Internet Explorer mode]menu, the browsing page will be in “IE mode”. .. In “IE mode”, not only Web pages are drawn in “IE 11” (Trident engine), but also Active X controls (Java and Silverlight) are available. You can check whether the browsing page is in “IE mode” by checking the icon at the left end of the address bar. ■ But you can only open MHT / MHTML files with “IE 11”? The MHT / MHTML format, which allows you to save web pages in a single file, will be supported in Edge 92. You won’t need to leave “IE 11” just to open MHT / MHTML files. ■ Will it disappear until “IE mode”? “IE mode” will be supported until at least 2029. Support for the current OS will expire sooner, so you should worry about that. Also, when it ends, it will be announced at least one year ago. ■ Can I use “IE 11” on “Windows 11”? In Windows 11, the “IE 11” desktop application has already been disabled and “iexplore.exe” will be redirected to “Edge”. In other words, if you want to continue using IE 11 until June 15, 2022, you should not upgrade to Windows 11. It is possible to use “IE mode” of “Edge” even in Windows 11.