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■ Keyboard self-made kit that requires additional purchase of parts and soldering work This is a kit for making a separate USB keyboard whose main body is divided into two units, right and left, and adopts a shape called “Alice” What I did. The layout is such that the rows (columns) of the keys go down diagonally from the edges toward the center, and the advantage is that the keys are easy to press without changing the position of the wrist. Also, with a normal keyboard, the Y / H / B keys in the center of the main key part are equipped in each unit on the left and right, so even those who are new to the separate keyboard can type without discomfort. It is necessary to purchase additional parts and solder to complete it. Parts other than the kit are key switches, keycaps, ProMicro or BleMicroPro (2 pcs), MX key sockets (69 pcs), etc. It is also possible to mount an LED and make it emit light.