[Photo]Yuki Kashiwagi, Miku Tanaka, Mion Mukaichi showing a radiant expressionIn March 2019, the late-night radio “AKB48’s All Night Nippon” (Nippon Broadcasting System), which lasted about nine years, ended. In September of the same year, the crown variety “AKBingo!” (Nippon Television) ended its broadcast for about 11 years. The last blow to AKB48, which visibly feels the group’s slump, was a defeat from “NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen” (NHK General TV), which had participated for 11 consecutive years. TV TOKYO reached out to AKB48, which was in a difficult situation of the key station terrestrial regular 0. The full-scale start of the program will start from the broadcast on July 13th today. The first broadcast of # 0 was a prologue of the program, and a special edition that looked back on the history of AKB48 was broadcast. In the VTR entitled “Clouds on Nogizaka”, a TV TOKYO special project, we looked back on the history of the group for more than 15 years, centered on Atsuko Maeda, Rino Sashihara, and Mizuki Yamauchi. However, most of them are parts centered around Maeda and Sashihara. Although he was selected as the first center for his 57th single, “Thank you for losing love,” Yamauchi, who spent a year of tears due to Corona’s illness, was focused on in less than four minutes. Among them was the announcement of the selection of the 58th single “Nemohamo Rumor”, which will be released for the first time in a year and a half. The frank impression of watching the program on the air is, “Who is the target of the program?” To be clear, most of the viewers are enthusiastic fans who have been chasing AKB48 for many years. Still, not a little, the slope fans who came caught by the self-deprecating title “Nogizaka, I was over”, and the former fans who have been away from AKB48 for a while but would like to see it for the first time in a while It must have been. I think it would have been nice to have more time to feature on VTRs that appeal to those groups, such as Hitomi Honda, who has just finished their activities at IZ * ONE, and Yamauchi mentioned earlier. I think that was more effective than dripping familiar images and fanning Nogizaka46 with a cliché that went against the times. Before the change of generations and scandals, it is thought that the sense and constitution surrounding AKB48 was the cause of the slump in the first place. “Recently, other groups are like this, so we have to do something about it so that fans can hear brighter stories,” Sashihara has pointed out in the past. This is a good hint for AKB48 (* 1).