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■ “10 free coupons for the first ride” In the “DiDi Taxi Summer Campaign”, for users who use “DiDi” for the first time, enter the specified coupon code for each area and use “DiDi” in the target area for the first ride. Minutes will be free. This also applies to users who registered DiDi before July 12th and have not completed their first ride. The discount amount varies depending on the region, and the acquired coupon can only be used in the same region. ■ “3000 yen coupon for referrals to friends” When you introduce DiDi to a friend and the friend completes the first ride, you will receive a 3000 yen coupon. Usually, a 1000 yen coupon will be increased during the period. At the same time, the introduced friend will also receive a coupon worth 1000 yen. In addition, referrals to users who have used DiDi are excluded. ■ “Follow & retweet to win coupons worth up to 100,000 yen!” Follow DiDi’s Twitter account (@DidiJapan), and a total of 60 people who retweet the target post will receive coupons that can be used with DiDi. It will be presented. Winners will be notified via Twitter DM from mid-September to late September. The coupon is 100,000 yen for 10 people and 2000 yen for 50 people.