[See another image about this article]The experiment was divided into three steps, and the experiment of step 1 was carried out on July 12, the first day of the experiment. This time, we will deliver the situation as a report. ■ Experiment contents The content of step 1 is to connect the Tokyo venue (SoftBank headquarters) and the Osaka venue (5G X LAB OSAKA) with 5G, and provide remote guidance on implant surgery in a seminar format. Motoharu Unozawa, CEO and dentist of Dental Prediction, served as the instructor at the Tokyo venue. And several young dentists gathered at the Osaka venue. □ What are the merits of using VR? For remote guidance, Mr. Unozawa and a group of young dentists each installed a VR device. Mr. Unozawa conveys precautions for implant surgery while moving a 3D model of a human skull in VR space. Regarding the merits of using VR, Mr. Unozawa says, “Until now, we could only show the know-how of surgery in a two-dimensional manner, but (by using VR) we can share one thing three-dimensionally.” In addition to moving his hands himself, he gave the dentists at the Osaka venue the right to operate the 3D model and urged them to check the positions of blood vessels and nerves. “It is also important to be able to check the inside of the skull, which was not possible before. By checking in this way before surgery, it is possible to improve the safety of surgery,” said Mr. Unozawa. The 3D model in VR space used in this demonstration experiment can enhance the transparency of the skull and can switch the display / non-display of blood vessels and nerves individually. It is a mechanism that responds to a wide range of needs, such as “I want to know the inside of the skull” and “I want to check the position of nerves”. □ Utilization of AR and 3D printing technology After the instruction in VR space was completed, Mr. Unozawa explained the dissection procedure using a 3D printing model of the jawbone. At this time, the same 3D model as the model is displayed in the AR space, and you can check the position of nerves there. Information that cannot be confirmed at the same time can be confirmed by using AR. ■ Interview with the person in charge of SoftBank We interviewed Mr. Yusuke Hino of the 5G Promotion Office of SoftBank Corporation regarding this experiment. Regarding the point of this experiment, he said, “In terms of how to technically realize real-time sharing of XR content, using Holoeyes’ platform was one big point. Another difficulty was this. Calling a doctor in the field who actually uses the system. This was solved by having Dental Prediction call a doctor. This allows us to collect the usability and issues of the system as live voices. , It will be easier to proceed with the study of solution. ” As mentioned in the previous Japanese magazine, SoftBank is co-developing AR art that can be enjoyed on smartphones with the Tokyo Biennale as a 5G x AR initiative for individual users. Mr. Hino said, “Content for individuals focuses on entertainment and convenience that users can enjoy. On the other hand, content for corporations like this one is a social issue. We are developing it as a solution for that purpose, focusing on solving corporate issues. This experiment utilizes commercial 5G, but in the future we would like to consider operations in combination with private 5G for corporations. ” Said.